About Us-Mercu Buana English Club

Mercu Buana English Club - Student Activity Unit is one of Student Organization in Mercu Buana University, which splash around in all about English. As we know that English language has become the international language, Mercu Buana English Club want to improve the skill and talent of Mercu Buana’s students in using English, even in oral or written such as speaking (conversation), reading, and writing (grammar, tenses, vocabulary) also listening.


To Increase english skill and organizational experience for all members in order to face the globalization era.


1.To make a conversation class,
2.To give organizational experience,
3.To increase vocabulary and grammar for our member,
4.To give braveness for speech and public speaking,
5.To give connection for all member and maintain it to the future,
6.To build and maintain a great relationship among members as One Great MBEC Family,
7.To provide the environment of Empowering English Community,
8.To create and implement The Standards of MBEC's organization,
9.To build and maintain lasting partnership with partner

Mercu Buana English club has established since August 20th, 1999 and was inaugurated in Musyawarah Besar – Keluarga Mahasiswa Gajah Merah (Mubes-KMGM) Mercu Buana University.
Our organization structure is consist of:
1. Guidance
2. Counselor
3. Chairman
4. Secretary
5. Treasury
6. Educational Department
7. Public Relations Department
8. Developer of Member Department
9. Creativity Department
10. Members

The Routine and Annual Activities of MBEC:

1. Competition Oriented Class (COC)
2. Leadership training program (LTP)
3. Visiting tourists
4. English Event

Best Regards: MBEC's Team

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